Does Acupuncture Hurt?

For those who have never received acupuncture treatment, the first question that comes to mind would most likely be, "Does it hurt?"

The most direct and perhaps most accurate answer to that question would be, "Not nearly as much as you are imagining".

First of all, when one thinks of "needles" and "therapy", most of us are conditioned to associate such terms with things like injection and IV. "Needles" used in such cases are designed to carry fluids within, making it necessary for such "needles" to have an outer diameter (of the "needle" itself), and an inner diameter (for the fluids to flow through). The result, a needle with a sufficient diameter.

On the other hand, the majority of the needles used in acupuncture in Japan, are about human-hair-thick, that is, in (outer) diameter. Therefore, the pain that may accompany when these needles penetrate the human skin is much minimal than that of injections and IV. At ENERGY ROOM, ALL the needles used for acupuncture thereapy are of this Japanese-standard thickness in diameter.

Furthermore, there are different methods and styles of acupuncture. The acupuncture method performed in ENERGY ROOM emphasizes the "control of the ki(chi) energy and therefore does not use the acupuncture needles to penetrate too deep below the human skin. The deepest the needles will be manipulated here at ENERGY ROOM would be, about 1 cm deep. The "pain" accompanying acupuncture therapy here at ENERGY ROOM is therefore further minimized.

There are individual differences in how one feels pain, and also certain body parts are more prone to feeling pain than other parts. So again, the most direct and accurate answer to whether one feels pain in acupuncture therapy or not, would be, "Not nearly as much as you are imagining".




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